The Oath of the Five Lords

Titre : The Oath of the Five Lords
Auteur : Yves Sente
Éditeur : Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1849181918
Libération : 2014-03-01

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Death in the present re-awakens a dark time in Blake's past. 1919. Colonel Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia – has an unpleasant meeting with an MI5 agent who confiscates his manuscript of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. 35 years later, Oxford is shaken by a series of burglaries at the Ashmolean Museum, at the same time as Blake learns of the death of an old friend. The captain begins an investigation, while Mortimer looks into the thefts… But what dark connection does all of this have with Lawrence or Blake's own past?

The Strange Encounter

Titre : The Strange Encounter
Auteur : Jean Van Hamme
Éditeur : 9th Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1905460759
Libération : 2009-01-01

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The two gentlemen-spies travel to America and take on a 177-year-old evil. Blake and Mortimer head to the United States to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the discovery of a 177-year-old body, which appears to have died very recently. The body is that of a Scottish major, Mortimer's ancestor, who was leading a British military expedition to the US in 1777 when he was swallowed up by a strange, multicolored light-beam shining down from the sky. Blake and Mortimer fight men in black armed with green-laser guns and soldiers emerging from the past in order to save the Earth from complete obliteration.

Lucky Luke Volume 42 Lone Riders

Titre : Lucky Luke Volume 42 Lone Riders
Auteur : Tonino Benacquista
Éditeur : Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 9781849187503
Libération : 2014-01-16T00:00:00+01:00

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After their umpteenth defeat at Lucky Luke’s hands, the Dalton brothers get into a big argument that ends with the four of them splitting up. They make a deal: Whoever is first to get a million dollars will be the leader of the gang. Going their separate ways, trying various schemes, each spreads his own kind of mayhem, forcing poor Lucky Luke to do four times the work to keep up with their antics !

The Voronov Plot

Titre : The Voronov Plot
Auteur : Yves Sente
Éditeur : 9th Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1849180482
Libération : 2010

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When Soviet professor Voronov turns a deadly alien bacteria into a terrifying weapon that could be used to devastate the Western world, agents Blake and Mortimer are drawn into a lethal, shadowy war to defeat him.

Arabel and Mortimer

Titre : Arabel and Mortimer
Auteur : Joan Aiken
Éditeur : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13 : 0547537018
Libération : 2007-09-01

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In this silly sequel to Arabel's Raven, Mortimer floats out to sea on a grand piano, tries to get even with three giraffes that have stolen his doughnuts at the zoo, and takes off with King Arthur's sword. Will Arabel ever be able to control her troublemaking pet raven?


Titre : Namibia
Auteur : Léo
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1849182825
Libération : 2016-07-07

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London, 1949. One foggy night, Rosie Lane sees her son Brian on the banks of the Thames. Only he died four months earlier; and when she comes near him, he crumbles into dust. An incident strikingly similar to Kathy's own encounter with Göring in Namibia. Pushing on with her investigation, the young British agent will have to contend with bloodcurdling phenomena - monstrous insects, accelerated aging - as much as the hostility of local Nazi sympathisers.

The Francis Blake Affair

Titre : The Francis Blake Affair
Auteur : Jean Van Hamme
Éditeur : Cinebook
ISBN-13 : 1905460635
Libération : 2008

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Scandal breaks in the London press: there is a mole in the Intelligence Service and it appears without a doubt, on a photo taken by MI5 agents, that the mole wears the face of Francis Blake. Mortimer is determined to believe that his friends has been forced to act against his will, but the initial investigation sweeps this hypothesis away. With MI5 agents planning to try Blake for high treason, and to kill him if needs be, Mortimer decides to find his friend before they do.

Nicholas Again

Titre : Nicholas Again
Auteur : René Goscinny
Éditeur : Phaidon Press
ISBN-13 : 0714845647
Libération : 2006-03-14

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.A collection of stories which continues the adventures and misadventures of little Nicolas and his friends at school and at play.

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

Titre : Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
Auteur : Hergé
Éditeur : Paw Prints
ISBN-13 : 1442047127
Libération : 2009-07-10

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Tintin the boy reporter is sent to Soviet Russia with his dog, Snowy, to report on the economy and the activities of the police.