crits gnostiques

Titre : crits gnostiques
Auteur : Jean-Pierre Mahé
Éditeur : Editions Gallimard
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105124280855
Libération : 2007

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L'intégralité des textes retrouvés à Nag Hammadi en 1945 comporte douze livres reliés et plusieurs feuillets d'un treizième, soit 1.200 pages de papyrus. Cette bibliothèque gnostique rassemble des apocalypses, des Evangiles et actes apocryphes, des dialogues de révélation, des homélies, ainsi que plusieurs écrits gnomiques, ascétiques ou hermétiques.

Mystery and Secrecy in the Nag Hammadi Collection and Other Ancient Literature Ideas and Practices

Titre : Mystery and Secrecy in the Nag Hammadi Collection and Other Ancient Literature Ideas and Practices
Auteur : Christian H. Bull
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004215122
Libération : 2011-10-28

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Drawing on a wide array of sources, this anthology sets out to analyze the concepts of mystery and secrecy that occur in the ritual and rhetoric of antique Mediterranean religion, with an emphasis on Gnosticism, Christianity, and Paganism.

Gnosticism Platonism and the Late Ancient World

Titre : Gnosticism Platonism and the Late Ancient World
Auteur : Kevin Corrigan
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004254763
Libération : 2013-07-25

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This Festschrift contains essays on a broad range of topics that deal with Sethian, Valentinian and other early Christian thought, as well as with Platonism and Neoplatonism, including especially the interaction between Greek philosophy and Gnosticism in late antiquity.

The Gospel of Judas in Context

Titre : The Gospel of Judas in Context
Auteur : Maddalena Scopello
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004167216
Libération : 2008-01-01

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The papers gathered in this book were presented at the First International Conference (held in Paris, University of Sorbonne, October 27th-28th 2006), devoted to the newly discovered Gospel of Judas, preserved in the 4th century Coptic Codex Tchacos. These essays explore several crucial literary, historical and doctrinal issues related to this gospel, composed in the second half of the 2nd century. This unexpected discovery sheds a new light on the role attributed to Judas by some Gnostic Christian movements. A hotly debated question is precisely the significance of Judas in this gospel: hero or villain? Special attention is given to the sources - Greek, Jewish, Christian and even Iranian - used by the unknown author. This book will be of special interest for historians of late Antiquity religions and scholars in New Testament studies, Gnosticism and Coptic literature.

Snapshots of Evolving Traditions

Titre : Snapshots of Evolving Traditions
Auteur : Liv Ingeborg Lied
Éditeur : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN-13 : 9783110348057
Libération : 2017-01-23

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Scholars of early Christian and Jewish literature have for many years focused on interpreting texts in their hypothetical original forms and contexts, while largely overlooking important aspects of the surviving manuscript evidence and the culture that produced it. This volume of essays seeks to remedy this situation by focusing on the material aspects of the manuscripts themselves and the fluidity of textual transmission in a manuscript culture. With an emphasis on method and looking at texts as they have been used and transmitted in manuscripts, this book discusses how we may deal with textual evidence that can often be described as mere snapshots of fluid textual traditions that have been intentionally adapted to fit ever-shifting contexts. The emphasis of the book is on the contexts and interests of users and producers of texts as they appear in our surviving manuscripts, rather than on original authors and their intentions, and the essays provide both important correctives to former textual interpretations, as well as new insights into the societies and individuals that copied and read the texts in the manuscripts that have actually been preserved to us.

From Logos to Christos

Titre : From Logos to Christos
Auteur : Ellen M. Leonard
Éditeur : Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN-13 : 9781554587285
Libération : 2011-06-27

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From Logos to Christos is a collection of essays in Christology written by friends and colleagues in memory of Joanne McWilliam. McWilliam was a pioneer woman in the academic study of theology, specializing in Patristic studies and internationally recognized for her work on Augustine. For countless students she was a teacher, a mentor, an inspiration. These fourteen essays are a fitting tribute to her memory. Written by recognized North American scholars, the essays explore various aspects of Christology, inviting the reader to probe the meaning and significance of Jesus Christ for today. They address a broad range of issues, including the Christology of the Acts of Thomas, Hooker on divinization, and Christ figures in contemporary Canadian culture. Teachers of theology and religious studies, pastors, and informed general readers will find the essays stimulating and instructive. They present the readers with considered, mature, and current scholarship. These are the questions that engaged Joanne McWilliam throughout her life, and she was happy to know that the critical dialogue would continue in this volume as friends and colleagues wrestled with Christological questions. For her, “In Jesus we come to know the compassion, the power, the wisdom, the love, and the faithfulness of God”.

Theologies of Creation in Early Judaism and Ancient Christianity

Titre : Theologies of Creation in Early Judaism and Ancient Christianity
Auteur : Tobias Nicklas
Éditeur : Walter de Gruyter
ISBN-13 : 9783110246315
Libération : 2010-07-30

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As environmental destruction begins to seriously affect humans, it has become increasingly relevant to reflect on the essential elements of the Jewish and Christian theologies of creation. The essays in this volume explore key aspects of creation theology, which poses the question of the origin of the world and of man. Creation theology is rooted in the concept of man who owes his existence to God and who is placed in a cosmos which God created as “good”. At the same time, the essays show that even back in antiquity, the creation discussion held high potential for ideological criticism.

The Sentences of Sextus

Titre : The Sentences of Sextus
Auteur : Walter T. Wilson
Éditeur : Society of Biblical Lit
ISBN-13 : 9781589837201
Libération : 2012-11-01

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Described by Origen as a writing that “even the masses of believers have read,” the Sentences of Sextus offers unique insights into popular Christian thought during the late second century C.E. Although it draws extensively on canonical texts for the composition of its sayings, it is especially fascinating for the manner in which it integrates these texts with material derived from two generically similar collections of Pythagorean maxims. This volume provides a critical edition including evidence from the Greek, Latin, Syriac, and Coptic versions; a new translation; and the first commentary for the Sentences, an important document for investigating the history of early Christian wisdom, asceticism, and ethics.

Anthologie des th ologiens de l Antiquit

Titre : Anthologie des th ologiens de l Antiquit
Auteur : Alain Le Boulluec
Éditeur : Editions du Cerf
ISBN-13 : 9782204111560
Libération : 2016-11-18

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Rome ne s'est pas construite en trois jours. La doctrine chrétienne non plus. L'Église telle que nous la connaissons aujourd'hui, organisée autour de trois confessions (catholique, orthodoxe, protestante), établie sur des dogmes et structurée par des hiérarchies, s'est bâtie sur plusieurs siècles entre débats, volonté d'unité et désaccords profonds. D'Origène à Augustin, en passant par Ignace, Irénée ou encore Basile de Césarée, parcourant le IIe siècle jusqu'au Ve, du monde latin au monde hellénophone, de l'Orient à l'Occident, cette étude réunit les meilleurs spécialistes qui présentent des exemples significatifs de constructions doctrinales dans l'Antiquité chrétienne. Ces débats nourrissent l'élaboration d'une théologie qui, par des voies diverses, a atteint en trois siècles sa maturité intellectuelle et spirituelle. Les premiers siècles de notre ère ont certainement été ceux qui ont le plus marqué l'histoire du christianisme, cet ouvrage les met en lumière.

Gnostic Religion in Antiquity

Titre : Gnostic Religion in Antiquity
Auteur : Roelof van den Broek
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781139620413
Libération : 2013-01-24

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Gnostic religion is the expression of a religious worldview which is dominated by the concept of Gnosis, an esoteric knowledge of God and the human being which grants salvation to those who possess it. Roelof van den Broek presents here a fresh approach to the gnostic current of Late Antiquity within its historical and religious context, based on sources in Greek, Latin and Coptic, including discussions of the individual works of preserved gnostic literature. Van den Broek explores the various gnostic interpretations of the Christian faith that were current in the second and third centuries, whilst showing that despite its influence on early Christianity, gnostic religion was not a typically Christian phenomenon. This book will be of interest to theologians, historians of religion, students and scholars of the history of Late Antiquity and early Christianity, as well as specialists in ancient gnostic and hermetic traditions.