Hardcore Windows XP

Titre : Hardcore Windows XP
Auteur : Joli Ballew
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780072264425
Libération : 2005-05-16

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Take control of Windows XP and get the most out of everything this powerful operating system has to offer. Written by Microsoft Windows XP Expert Zone columnist Joli Ballew, this book shows you hundreds of tips and tricks you’ll be able to use right away. Learn to do everything from kick starting the boot process to disabling unnecessary applications and services to taking advantage of built-in administrative tools. Start at the beginning or jump straight to the task you want to perform. You’ll get full details on security and Service Pack 2, remote access, gaming functions, networking features, multimedia capabilities, and so much more. Work faster, smarter, and more securely with help from this definitive guide.

LPI General Linux I

Titre : LPI General Linux I
Auteur : Emmett Dulaney
Éditeur : Coriolis Group
ISBN-13 : 1576109232
Libération : 2001-01-01

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The best-selling Exam Cram series now for LPI General Linux! This book efficiently prepares the reader for the LPI (101) exam within the LPI Level I certification track. Well-organized content guides the candidate through the core technologies found in all flavors of Linux while staying focused on key test concepts. The book covers important areas like text processing basics, file management, working with processes, the Linux file system, users, groups, and permissions, and more. Includes proven test-taking strategies, warnings on trick questions, timesaving study tips and shortcuts, and other valuable test-taking strategies.